Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Ipods and Midlife - What hearing loss?

We hear a lot about the dangers of how Ipods and MP3s can damage the hearing of teenagers but what about us in midlife? How loud is too loud, and at this point do we think "Do I need all my hearing capacity, anyhow? Maybe I'm better off not hearing everything around me?"

I am 1/2 deaf and I'm careful not to go to loud concerts - witness my decision not to see Bruce Springsteen at the Rose Garden. But I wonder if I am doing damage bit by bit by listening to my Ipod? Doing so, however, is such a stress reliever and personal training tool that I'm loathe to give it up. And I just can't/won't listen to "Cruel to Be Kind" or "Crooked Teeth" quietly.

My Ipod is also a way of proving that although I am half-way to being an old lady I am pretty cool when it comes to music. I MAY have impressed my 16-year old niece with my knowledge of Portland rock band trivia - how many 47-year olds have the Shins, the Decemberists, Pink Martini and Modest Mouse on their Ipods AND knows someone who knows someone who is related to the lead singer of the Dandy Wharhols?

So maybe I am hastening my need for a hearing aide - sigh. Technology is on my side. Each year that goes by hearing aides get better and smaller, which I can justify as a safety net. Plus, unlike smoking cigarettes or not wearing a seat belt, my Ipod habits won't hurt anyone but myself. I guess I'm just a crazy risk-taker - whoo hoo - and my Ipod is here to stay. Do the shuffle!!!


Anonymous said...

I say listen to your Ipod...live on the edge!


Susan said...

Oh boy--you've left me in the dust. I have an Ipod too, but can't figure out how to get the musicy thingies onto the ipoddy thingy. aaaarrrgh.

Guess I'll give Queen Teen downstairs ten bucks to do it for me.


Carol said...

My son does help me, too. Teens are amazing when it comes to digital music!

Karen said...

Carol -- I always said I would never get an Ipod. And then in my 50's I caved in and--boy those little things are a miracle. I've loaded all my CDs into it--although I'm not savvy enough yet to create playlists. But like Katie I say listen to your Ipod and enjoy.

And many of you--I always get IT Guy (my 33 year old son) to do the difficult tech stuff.