Thursday, August 28, 2008

Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda


"Should" is most commonly used to make recommendations or give advice. It can also be used to express obligation as well as expectation.


  • When you go to Berlin, you should visit the palaces in Potsdam. recommendation
  • You should focus more on your family and less on work. advice
  • I really should be in the office by 7:00 AM. obligation
  • By now, they should already be in Dubai. expectation
I have been told never to use the word "should," as in "I should volunteer more in the class room,"or "I should lose 20 pounds." But without "should" how would things get done?

In these past few weeks I have often thought "I should write in my blog,"and "I should check out the posts of other bloggers and write some comments." After all, I am a blogger, no? But, I have been so burnt out and stressed that when I did have time to fiddle on the computer I found myself searching for new songs for my Ipod instead of "blogging."
So, now I have over 400 songs on my Ipod (I'm neck and neck with Jacob for who has more songs) but I have fallen off the blog wagon a bit. My vow, once Labor Day comes and goes is to re energize my blogging. But, of course, there could be a part of me saying "You really should be writing that article" or "You really should winnow down that laundry pile." Does it ever end?


Anonymous said...

Should 'should' be expelled from the every day language. There are obligations (like "I should feed my children today"), but that is more of a necessity (I did feed them today, not to worry :)).

P.S.Carol, don't stress out. Make it through next week. I am also giving myself a month to NOT commit to anything. I need a break and get back in the routine. Is that bad (I don't think so)? The school will survive without me for a month.

babs m said...

On the other hand, I've been trying to get back to serious writing all summer, but there are just so many good ways to spend time with kids, etc. Now that school's started again, I'm better prepared to take some of those free hours and get back in the swing. So enjoy the weekend and get ready for fall!

Carol said...

Will do!!

Pam said...

Hi Carol, loved the language lesson. Hang in there, Pam