Friday, March 28, 2008

"Born to Deal" or Bruce, you are still The Boss

Dear Bruce,

I would love to go see you at the Rose Garden tonight. I'm a big fan from New York, from Back in the Day. Warm nights hanging out by the Shore - you were talking about me, right?

But I'll be home tonight listening to my " Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band Live in New York City" CD instead. Maybe I'll turn off the lights and wave my cell phone, just to be there in spirit. It isn't that I can't afford or procure a ticket, or because I can't find child care. For you, Bruce, I'd overcome those kind of obstacles.

But you see, Bruce, a few years ago I lost all my hearing in my left ear and now I have to be - ugh - practical and preserve the hearing in my right year. And I love you too much to kid myself that I could go to the concert and wear an ear plug - and keep it in. I don't have that much impulse control. One note of "10th Avenue Freeze Out" and out it would go.

Have a great show - you are still The Boss. I hope you and Patti enjoy Portland. Here's a little "parenting special needs kids" homage to your classic "Born to Run." Rock on.


"Born to Deal" (sung to the tune of Born to Run )

Every year we sweat it out on hard seats at our kid's IEP meetings
In the middle of the night we're obsessing what will happen later on
Will they have a place to work?
And what about housing?
Can we find that,too?
Baby, this disability thing rips your heart from your chest
It's exhausting, it's inspirational
If you want to know how it feels
But parents like us,
Baby, we were born to deal

Oh, oh oh, oh, oh, we gotta keep it real
'Cause parents like us
Baby, we were born to deal


Pam said...

Hello, love your song, Carol. Fear for the future when we won't be around is huge for me. And if I hear one more person say "everyone else has their own families to take care of" I will melt down. I am so thankful for the special ed moms and dads who over the years have paid attention to what goes on in schools and to what goes on in society and speaks up for our loved ones. And my heart goes out to all the families in Washington state on spring break starting this week. We all know too well that many of our kids hate schedule changes so for us, it may not be a break at all. Hang in there, everyone, Pam

Rhea said...

I'm from New Jersey originally and have been to Asbury Park many times, but have never seen him in concert.

Carol Solow Freedman said...


I bet Bruce is quite the legend in Asbury Park. People can be critical of "aging rockers" - leather pants and all, butI think they DO get better with time, at least the great ones. Hard to believe he is 58!