Friday, March 27, 2009

From Lounging to Laundromats: Re-entry is no day on the beach

Dan and I have been back from Kauai for two days and the karma gods have decided that we had too much fun and it's pay back time. So, instead of snorkeling or sipping Mai Tais we are figuring out the logistics of getting laundry done before our TWO MONTH OLD washing machine is repaired next week. It broke down on vacation load #2, the day after we got home.

It seems the folks at Home Depot don't really care that we can't wait five days to wash our sand-encrusted duds. Who knew?

On the plus side, doing laundry requires fewer brain cells than some of the other tasks on my to-do list. I seem to have left many of my brain cells on the shore line of the Na Pali coast. I can go to the laundromat and listen to my "Hawaii Five-O" Ipod playlist and try to go back to my "happy place."

Also on the plus side - the kids are well and we came home to a clean house, fresh linens and dinner already prepared. Thank you again, Cousin Paula - no price tag can be put on that!!!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I had trouble with Home Depot a few months ago. Would not recommend them, unfortunately (customer service seems to have gone out the window).

Shea's Mom said...

Welcome home. Re-entry is a tough one. When I got home from Oahu last time, I had forgotten where my silverware drawer was!

Not that is getting away from it all.

Good luck with the dastardly appliance monsters.


Carol said...

It is hard to get back into the swing of things, but I agree, it was still worth it.

The repair person is coming Tuesday, yeah.

Casdok said...

Transisitons can be hard!!!
Hope you get your washing machine sorted.

Carol said...

Thanks all, things are finally settling down. I think part of it was that Sayer eat a bit TOO many cookies while we were gone and all that sugar is working its way out of his system.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Carol.

To pass on some bad news, the state of Washington budget for folks with developmental disabilites looks bleak. If you are up to it I would love a short blog on that topic. Take care, Pam

Becca said...

It is always so nice to get away! I think that laundry is the thing that I hate the most!


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Anonymous said...
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