Friday, May 2, 2008

Recommended web site: Disability in the Family

Disability in the Family is the web site for Lisa Lieberman, a counselor and speaker whose specialty is Living with Disability in the Family. She has expertise in Asperger's and Autism Spectrum Differences,Parenting Children & Young Adults with Disabilities, and
Adults with Chronic Physical Disabilities and their Spouses.

I mentioned Lisa'a book A “Stranger” Among Us: Hiring In-Home Support for a Child with Autism Spectrum Disorders or Other Neurological Differences in my previous post about the importance of caregivers. Her site has full copies of great articles Lisa has published, as well as annotated links to other resources.

I encourage you to explore the Disability in the Family web site, as I continue exploring New York. I'm having a great time visiting family and old friends, and enjoying the sights, sounds and food. Real New York pizza; home made Italian ices - yum. And I am REALLY enjoying a week off from all those family management tasks. I don't mean being with my kids and husband, but taking care of all those details - the sending notes back and forth to Sayer's teacher, filling out summer camp registration forms, making lunches, and so on.

Dan is doing a great job of holding down the fort, which is likely why I have NOT felt guilty about being away. So, a big shout out for the Husband!!

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