Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Real time, real people

My eyes are bleary, a wave of nausea settles in. I have been “cruising the ‘net” looking at blog sites and web sites urging me to register and join them. Blogher, Work it, Mom, Mom Salon – all I have to do is create a profile and wittily describe myself and then I can “chat” with women from all over – the neonatal nurse in Canton, Ohio, the free-lance writer in Savannah or the professional blogger in California. But, what I could really use is eye contact with another human, real time, to chat about politics, the writer’s strike or Sayer’s rough morning.

“The Geography of Bliss: One Grump’s Search for the Happiest Places in the World” by Eric Weiner sounds like a great book that asks “Is there a culture of happiness?” Weiner found that people are happiest where they share close community ties. Spending time with real people, in real time.

I think its the midlife part of me that insists that I can and should find time to be part of on-line communities AND be a part of my own community. The time I spend in a virtual community could be spent in a real community –digging soil in a community garden or tutoring a non-English speaker. Maybe the solution is to do some of both. For the rest of today, anyway, I’m taking a “link break.”


mizdarkeyes said...

Yes!!! To have real, human interaction with another ADULT - ah, such joy that would be!! And in PERSON yet?? Heaven, that... *Sigh*

I"ve been reading (and absolutely loving) your blog; I'm a new to
dealing full-time with our blended family's differently-abled child myself; I am marrying into a family with an autistic 13-year-old and two other boys, while I have one child of my own. It is quite an - adventure, at times, that's for sure! Thanks to Dawn, this too I can get through! *smile*

Anyway, I'm obviously babbling; really I just wanted to tell you that I think you're writing a fantastic blog; I've favorited you and contine to check back. You write well, the subject matter's interesting, and you use a little humor - hey, what more can a gal ask for in this crappy situation we call "middle age" (and no, I STILL refuse to say I'm in it, dammit!).

Kick butt with your blog, Carol; it's a great one and one whose resources I intend to plunder!


We, btw, have a mutual friend; you

Carol Solow Freedman said...


Thanks so much for your positive feedback - it helps me keep going! I hadn't thought about the issues of blended families and kids with disabilities, but I do know other families with similar stories so I'll put that issue in my "future blog post" file.

I may have to "interview" you soon for more information - hoepfully, over cocktails!


mizdarkeyes said...

Goodness, Carol; I can't even IMAGINE that you'd have time to think about adding something ELSE to your blog/life - you will be an expert, won't you! *smile*

And, cocktails, regardless, sound lovely (or is that necessary??!!)...