Friday, May 29, 2009

IEPs According to Dr. Seuss (author unknown)

Dan was sent this poem via Washington Dads, a support group for dads raising children with special needs. It seems appropriate with IEP season upon us.

IEPs According to Dr. Seuss (author unknown)

I do not like these IEPs

I do not like them, Jeeze Louise

We test, we check

We plan, we meet

But nothing ever seems complete.

Would you, could you

Like the form?

I do not like the form I see

Not page 1, not 2, not 3

Another change

A brand new box

I think we all

Have lost our rocks.

Could you all meet here or there?

We could not all meet here or there.

We cannot all fit anywhere.

Not in a room

Not in the hall

There seems to be no space at all.

Would you, could you meet again?

I cannot meet again next week

No lunch no prep

Please hear me speak.

No, not at dusk. No, not at dawn

At 4 pm I should be gone.

Could you hear while all speak out?

Would you write the words they spout?

I could not hear, I would not write

This does not need to be a fight.

Sign here, date there,

Mark this, check that

Beware the student's ad-vo-cat(e).

You do not like them

So you say

Try again! Try again!

And you may.

If you will let me be,

I will try again

You will see.


I almost like these IEPs

I think I'll write 6,003.

And I will practice day and night

Until they say

"You got it right!"


Anonymous said...

Hi, clever and cute. Thanks for a chuckle. Pam

Anonymous said...

I actually took a class (when I was working on my endorsement) called IEPs according to Dr. Seuss on how to keep them simple and direct.

Carol said...

What a great idea for a class! Kinda like the Tao of Pooh.

Anonymous said...

It was from a teacher's perspective (ie. teaching teachers how to do IEPs simplier and more direct).
Katie was Great Wolf??

Larry Linebaugh said...

"No lunch no prep Please hear me speak. No, not at dusk. No, not at dawn At 4 pm I should be gone."

This is an accurate expression of what I anticipate experiencing next year as a 1st-year teacher.

But great post, thanks for sharing!

Carol said...

Hello Larry,

I checked out your Oregon CEC blog - very cool! "Social Network Coordinator" is a new title to me, I like it. Do you know if Washington State has a similar organization and blog? Sayer's teachers may be interested. Thanks.


Larry Linebaugh said...

The closest thing I've seen is the site for the Western Washington University division. But if I hear anything, I'll certainly let you know.

Don't tell anyone I said this but..."Social Media Coordinator"...I made it up! Shhhhh.