Friday, September 5, 2008

Happy 50th Brithday to "P"

HAPPY 50th BIRTHDAY "P" - A wonderful woman, mother, wife, advocate

A mutual friend told me that today is the 50th birthday of "P" a regular reader and comment-maker here. "P" - have a great day! Read about celebrity folks turning 50 in 2008 and you can see you are in good company. And here are yet some more famous turning 50-ites. This list include the bassist for R.E.M and Grandmaster Flash. ROCK ON!!!

Does anyone have any words of advice or encouragement for "P"? If so, send them along.


Pam said...

Hello, I am so very flattered. Thanks, Carol,


Anonymous said...

Madonna, Prince and Michael Jackson all turned 50 this year (Okay, maybe not so interesting as the others mentioned, but I knew that off of the top of my head).

Happy Birthday, Pam!


Rhea said...

Totally! I turned 50 in June. I had a big party. It made the birthday so great. I recommend doing that. I could see my friends all around me, many of them older than me, and IT confirmed for me that life goes on and can be great!

Carol said...

A party sounds like fun - but so does a trip to Europe! I have about two years to plan - I better start soon!