Friday, July 11, 2008

Our kids need structure while we want to take it as it comes

I was chatting with a neighbor recently about how our kids thrive with schedules but we, the parents, are more "Let's see how it goes." I think it is even more challenging as we get older, and wish that we could ease up on all the scheduling that can go on with parenting.

For me, this is especially true in the summer, when there are no more sports practices, therapy sessions, school meetings and so on. I am ready to "chill" but the lack of structure makes Sayer even more anxious. So, I turn to my handy "Make-A-Schedule" software program. It's really a great product - but one I wish I didn't need! I use it to make schedules for Sayer's day camp, to map out a calendar of the month so he knows when he goes to day camp, when he flies to see his cousins, and so on.

Our latest challenge is programming meal time. If Sayer had his way it would be hamburgers and french fries one night, followed by stir fry with noodles the next night, followed by hamburgers and french fries - detect a pattern? In response, Dan and I will be doing more meal planning and putting the dinners planned for each night on the calendar. No more "I just feel like a tuna sandwich." Sigh.

Sayer is going to his first "sleep away" camp Sunday, to Mt. Hood Kiwanis Camp. There are a series of camps for adults and children with disabilities not too far from Mount Hood. The camp's web web site has a great video about the program. Sayer is going to the Oral Hull camp for people with autism. He is very excited because one of his former teachers, "Mrs. Heather" will also be there.

For the first few days of Sayer's camp, Jacob will be out of town,too, visiting relatives in Virginia. It just turned out that way but we are going with it. Dan and I have our "staycation" all mapped out. Get up when we feel like it. Eat what we feel like, at whatever time we feel like. Almost like Hawaii without the cabana. Can't wait!!


babs m said...

We've decided camp isn't working for our kids for several reasons, so the Cabana Boy has agreed to be in charge of the troops for August, while he's working nights. That scheduling software really looks great! I think we'll need it!

Carol said...


I recommend the online version, since you can use it wherever there is a computer and can have a few different users.

Good luck to the Cabana Boy!

Anonymous said...

Hi, The meals you describe as Sayers favorites are Geoffrey's too. He would be fine with the same few foods over and over. My only advice is to keep setting out healthy stuff as a snack offering and wait. A minor victory for me this summer is that Geoffrey will once again (after about a six year wait) eat and seem to enjoy apples. I found this out when I discovered three half eaten yellow decilicious apples behind his bed. Cool; my favorite kind............Pam

Carol said...

Actually, Sayer is somewhat open, just has his favorites. He'll eat salad if it had croutons and salad dressing and he is told he must eat it before more of his favorite dish.

Sayer likes apples, too!

China said...

Ironic, I just wrote a post about the hazards of a looser summer schedule before I came over to read your post today.