Friday, June 13, 2008

Finally - A good excuse to shop!

The end-of-school year madness is further complicated by the question: Should we "gift" our kids teachers, teaching assistant, et al? Who? What? I have heard other parents say "Well, they get paid." Yes, that's true and no doubt not enough. But, I do think that special education professionals go way beyond the call of duty. And when we are lucky enough to encounter principals and bus drivers who are supportive and inclusive I think it is important to recognize them, also.

In that spirit I went shopping this afternoon. I am proud to say that I shopped locally in downtown Camas, at two wonderful stores, An Uncommon Gift and Paper Lantern. An Uncommon Gift did a great job gift wrapping - one less thing for me to do and something they wouldn't do at Target. And I found some quasi useful and fun gifts - gifts that don't require any watering or planting [hint: those are my favorite kind!]

That's all for now, as I read about Angelina Jolie in Entertainment Weekly when I got home from shopping, instead of blogging. Do other readers give gifts? Make them? Any good ideas?


Anonymous said...

I give them gifts throughout the year (don't hate me!), plus I let them know something specific that they have done to help my son.

I know teachers do a lot more than they are paid, they are really part of my 'family' in kind of a weird way...


Carol said...

Having a child with a disability sure changes your concept of family!