Thursday, April 3, 2008

Of Stepford Wives, spring break, and blogrolls

The Stepford Wives movie, the 1975 version, is a camp classic. I was 15 when it first came out, and it left quite the impression. Although I am having a harder and harder time remembering names (the whole midlife brain in flux issue), I can vividly recall one malfunctioning wife uttering over and over “I’ll just die if I don’t get that recipe.” I can still see her arms robotically flailing about.

I feel like Stepford Mom on this, our spring break with an arm break. I find myself uttering the same thing over and over again; my brain is on the repeat cycle. Each night near bed time, Sayer says, oh say, five or ten times: “Go to bed when it is dark, not cloudy?” and without thinking I say in an increasingly robotic tone “Yes, bed time is at 8:00 o’clock; it will be dark then.” Again. And again. And again.

Spring break, winter break, summer – those times when our child’s sharply scheduled life becomes undone. Luckily, Sayer got a new totally waterproof cast today, so he can go swimming. And we are counting the days until school starts again.

Until then, this blog thing has been a personal godsend. I am now making connections and getting some synergy going. More and more folks I don’t even know in “real time” are looking at my blog – hurrah! I have discovered that other bloggers are putting me on their Blogrolls, which are lists of blogs they recommend to their own readers.

I am so grateful to these bloggers and am starting a Blogroll of my own. My blogroll list blogs of midlife women; some of these women have children with disabilities, some don’t. And they have their own viewpoints and opinions, which I may or may not share (I’ll never tell!).

I invite you to check out the blogs of women like Jane Gassner, whose ByJane blog offers great information and insight for all women in midlife. She is working to create an online Midlife Bloggers network. I am also on the blogroll of the Awalkabout’s weblog, written by a family attorney who is the mother of three special needs children. Her blogroll includes a number of blogs written by parents of children with autism. I also invite you to check out Rhea’s The Boomer Chronicles blog– in which “a 40-something boomer examines midlife crisis, ennui in America, and other compelling ideas.” I will be adding other blogs from time to time.

And if you still need a lift, rent The Stepford Wives. Nothing against Nicole Kidman, but see the original. It’s a hoot


babs m said...

Thanks for the plug!! Jane pointed me in your direction, actually; a synchronistic connection. :) My Little Miss is 8, too.

And yes the Katharine Ross version is indeed a hoot.

Carol said...

Well a big thanks to Jane, too. Blogging is somewhat serendipitous, I think.

ByJane said...

The original Stepford Wives is scarier than the remake I thought. Maybe because I was a "wife" when I saw it, and it resonated!

Carol said...

Yes, the original version was a bit closer to the bone; the remake was so over-the-top it didn't hit home as much.