Wednesday, December 26, 2007

This thing called balance

Is there ever such a thing as real balance? I woke up in the middle of the night  a jolt of anxiety about sending a holiday letter off to friends and relatives that includes this blog address. “What if no one ‘gets it’? But, I’m still working on the format! I liked my first post the best, but I have to keep writing more?”

This blog is an ideal specimen of my struggle with balance – the struggle between fear of baring my soul and my drive to write about myself and women with similar life stories. I’m also trying to find time to write in this blog while also carving time to learn how to blog, add links and so on (“this thing, called code, I just can’t handle it…."). My web 3.0 friend advised me to just start the blog, so I did. In doing so, I’m fighting my natural tendency to master perfection first – you know, get an advanced degree in oceanography before getting my toes wet.

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Miriam said...

Carol, what a perfect allegory for the larger picture of that balance you are trying achieve. As you give birth to your inner self during this time, looking inward rather than outward (which I am sharing with you), you discover your own harshest critic. Tender to yourself. You already *are* perfect.